Campsite Sunset

November 17, 2014
Camping out the night before a hiking adventure in Baxter State Park we stayed at the waters edge with views of the mountains in the distance. While my fellow adventurers...
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Image Within an Image

November 10, 2014
Hiking back along the trail from Borestone Mountain I paused to stop and enjoy the afternoon reflections along Sunrise Pond. In the summer the dock is out but had been ta...
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Inspire Me: Brave Nellie

October 27, 2014
A Q&A with Sharalyn Morrison Andrews, Maine author of a new book "Brave Nellie." As a long time blogger, sharing her adventures, she has been writing about her travels an...
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Celebrating Friendship, Celebrating Big Moments

October 23, 2014
When Terra, a good friend from childhood (4th grade to be exact) told me she and Chris were getting married I was so excited for them. They truly are spirited adventurers...
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