Michigan Dandelion

July 24, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

On a recent trip to Michigan for work, I was able to take a couple of hours to visit William M. Burchfield Park (Holt, MI).  It was an ideal day that included traveling to a new place, trail running and a quick photo shoot.  Running is a really great way to view the landscape and discover particular locations to return with my camera.  After a nice long run (only getting a little lost but was pointed in the right direction by a friendly mountain biker), I set out with my camera to capture a few shots of the dandelions basking in the sun.  At this stage, the dandelion seeds are awaiting the next blustery wind to send the seeds on their way to find a new landing place to grow and bloom. 

Burchfield is the largest park in Ingham County, Michigan and includes over 500 acres of natural landscape with activities for all ages.  Along with trail running and mountain biking folks were playing disc golf, fishing, playing on playgrounds, paddling canoes and just enjoying the late summer afternoon.  I highly recommend Burchfield Park if you are in the area.

Michigan Dandelion. Jlynn Frazier, Maryland Outdoor and Pet Photographer. Michigan Dandelion Field. Jlynn Frazier, Maryland Outdoor and Pet Photographer.


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