Chicago Afternoon

July 30, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Traveling to Chicago for work left me with a couple of late afternoon hours to explore downtown Chicago.  With such a short time to explore I grabbed a map from the hotel and took off on foot to see what I could see.  As a photographer you often plan out your shooting sites, but I also find that just setting out to explore can lead to fun and exciting shots.  It is also a time that I take great pleasure to just wander, create and get to know a new location for return trips to specific locations.  In a very short radius of where I was staying I passed parks, fountains, street vendors, lots of bicycles, and much more.  Here are a couple of the shots from my very brief walking tour. 

I am always interested to see the various mobile businesses that have emerged.  This particular company, Cupcakes for Courage is owned by two sisters who bake and sell cupcakes to support cancer research.  They are also environmentally conscious and are committed to using products that are earth friendly.  I stumbled by their truck and took this photo of two happy customers.  When you are in Chicago keep your eye out for their green truck!  

Cupcakes for Cancer, Chicago, IL. Jlynn Frazier, Maryland Outdoor and Pet Photographer.

Next stop, one of many local parks.  Since basketball is a favorite pastime, I just had to stop to watch the pick up game in progress and capture the cityscape in the background. 

Chicago Pickup Basketball, Chicago, IL. Jlynn Frazier, Maryland Outdoor and Pet Photographer. I headed toward the waterfront to walk along the water and seek out potential run routes for the morning.  A local run was getting started and apparently included a costume competition.  I captured this image of two runners who arrived at the race by bike.  From my brief experience, Chicago seemed to be a bike friendly city.  I passed several locations where you could rent bikes by the hour or day.  Walking along the paved paths I was surrounded by a flurry of walkers, runners and bikers.  

Angel Runners, Chicago, IL. Jlynn Frazier, Maryland Outdoor and Pet Photographer. My afternoon tour would not be complete without a shot of boats along the water.  This is the Columbia Yacht Club, which I believe was also hosting a post run party.  I have no doubt that it was a good time had by all on such a beautiful afternoon.   

Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago, IL. Jlynn Frazier, Maryland Outdoor and Pet Photographer. So much more to see and do, but even in a couple of hours it was a fun afternoon exploring Chicago.  Next up.... Chicago Night! 


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