Get Ready and Wait For It

May 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A lot of people talk about the right camera, the best lens, and getting the perfect exposure. My tip for any outdoor, adventure, landscape, or nature photographer … you need a full tank of gas to get you where you are going, a sturdy tripod, and a headlamp so that you can arrive before the sun or depart after the sun is long gone.

Last week, I needed a mid week adventure so I headed to the coastal town of Camden, Maine to hike the auto road to Mt. Battie in Camden Hills State ParkThe first image is captured as the final rays of the sun shine from over the hills. In the second photograph, the sun had set turning the underside of the clouds a bright pink. The best thing you can do is to be prepared to wait for the landscape to change, watch the clouds, admire the sun, and wait for the moment when you are ready to push the shutter. Now forget about what camera you have and get out there! 

Setting Sun Over Camden HillsSetting Sun Over Camden HillsCamden Hills State Park, Camden, Maine, USA. © Jlynn Frazier

Golden HourGolden HourCamden Hills State Park, Camden, Maine, USA. © Jlynn Frazier


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