Choosing Experiences: Borestone Mountain Take Two

July 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Following Summit Trail to view from West Peak, Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary, Maine, © Jlynn Frazier.

My first trip to Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary was in early May. I was surprised as the mountain greeted me with increasing ice and snow (that I was not really prepared for). A lookout point along the way was a beautiful ice covered pond and just a light sprinkle certainly would not keep me away. By the time I reached the first summit the rain had picked up and the thick cloud cover left no view to be seen. Amazing to be among the cloud cover, the cool/wet hike just heightened my sense for the adventure and wonder about what was just beyond the clouds.  
On my mind since that day, I returned to Borestone Mountain with another spirited adventurer. It ended up being one of those clear "see for miles" kind of days. The subtle clouds filled a blue, sunny sky and highlighted the vibrant blues and greens of the landscape.
Not all days leave me with opportunities to create images like this one (a two shot stitched pano for anyone who is curious). I am not sure where it comes from, but my rather relentless desire for adventure keeps me seeking more moments to explore all of the natural beauty to be found here in my home state of Maine and beyond. 
Tip: Choose experiences over things. Always. 


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