I Stayed

February 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

As the last person left the beach, I stayed. As the clouds rolled in threatening very little to see for sunset, I stayed. As it grew colder and the wind blew, I stayed. As my adventure pup looked up at me wondering when dinner was, we stayed.

Moments like this are magical, but they are not easy. One of the keys to outdoor photography is finding a location and staying there because the light, clouds, and colors can change so quickly. I always find locations to play and enjoy enough to patiently wait regardless of the elements. I just love being out there to explore, photograph, run, and play. I love the chase of getting there and I love the moments to slow down once I get there to watch the landscape unfold and soak in every moment. Some days I walk away with photographs like this, other days I just walk away knowing I practiced my craft and got to enjoy a wonderful outdoors adventure. Either way it is always worth staying. 

  20150119_PophamBeach_Winter__DSC0620Sunset landscape captured at Popham Beach State Park, Maine, USA. January 2015 © Jlynn Frazier.


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