Private Residence

February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Winter in Maine has been particularly tough for people this year. High winds kept me home on Sunday as parts of the state received yet another blizzard. I felt a little cooped up, but I worked on my art, some writing, and took time for a much needed nap. I had found myself a little sluggish the last two weeks and was hoping to make a rebound and have a bit of adventure. On Monday, I awoke alert and ready to go so James and I headed to Acadia National Park. After a little driving to just see the winter landscape, I decided to hike in from the Stanley Brook entrance in Seal Harbor. This is a part of the park I had not been to last year and certainly had not experienced in the winter so I was extra excited to just wander and see what we could see.  

These are some of the best days. No expectation, no pressure. Just a day to explore and create photographs. Winter reminds me to simplify my shots, to move my feet to get close to the subject, and to pay attention to the beauty of the details of the winter landscape and the piles of untouched snow. 

Private ResidencePrivate ResidenceJordan Pond Gate House, One of two gate houses build by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and designed to oversee the carriage roads, Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. February 2015 © Jlynn Frazier.


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