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Colors of the Spirit

April 12, 2014 - "Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Rays of Light

March 31, 2014 - Midday was spent at Kettle Cove and Crescent Beach State Park playing in the ocean and exploring the beach. It was a ver...
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Seagull Snacking in Mid Coast Maine

February 13, 2014 - A social media theme of "Throwback Thursday" inspires folks to post a picture from the past. I have to laugh when out of...
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In the Words of MLK

January 20, 2014 - "No person has the right to rain on your dreams." MLK I did not set resolutions or goals this year like I have in the pa...
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January Beach Day in Maine: The Final Shot

January 12, 2014 - Yes, you read the title and no it is not a joke. Temperatures were in the 40's today, the wind was chilly, and the sun w...
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'Tis the season to simplify

December 02, 2013 - "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify." Henry David Thoreau
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Rolling in the Sand

July 29, 2013 - Life is crazy, unpredictable and sometimes very painful. I have needed to take a step back for a couple of weeks but tho...
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The Calm of the Beach

March 08, 2013 - [Full Size Image:] "La Calma de la Playa" or "The Calm of the Beach" was a recent image create...
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Stratus Halo

March 06, 2013 - As the sun rose into the sky a single halo shaped stratus cloud perched above the cumulous clouds resting on the horizon...
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Anniversary Celebration

July 21, 2012 - I thought in celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary I would post two of my favorite pictures from a recent beach tri...
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Beach Snack Anyone?

July 01, 2012 - One of my favorite things to do is wander along the beach, listening to the waves and seeing what I might find. A recent...
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Beachscape Panorama

June 25, 2012 - Three recent Beachscape Panorama's taken at Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. In post-processing I conver...
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Wild Horses at Assateague Island

June 22, 2012 - Assateague Island National Seashore is a welcoming location to spend time at the beach. The Maryland side of the park (a...
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Beach Weather

June 21, 2012 - Summer has arrived and it is a hot and humid day here in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. A recent photo taken on a beach...
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